Corporate Business Services

EBS Consultancy Services Limited (EBS), together with their highly skilled, in-house specialists, are able to provide assistance in consolidating your corporate needs, with the aim of advancing your business. With their extensive knowledge of both Cypriot and International requirements, they are able to assist you, whether it be your aim to incorporate changes to your existing or to a new business venture.

Corporate I.T. and Business Telecommunications

EBS understands just how important it is for any business to have in place a specific Corporate I.T. Solution, tailored to its operational requirements. Not only is Information Technology the firm foundation on which your business is built, it is also offers the opportunity to reduce costs, control operating expenses, whilst, at the same time, enabling you to focus on revenue generating opportunities and ‘The business of the business’. EBS can ensure that your corporate I.T. Solutions are achieved and implemented and are able to fully support your business requirements and I.T. communication needs.

Business Location – New Company Structure and Operational Infrastructure

Corporate re-location can be unsettling, expensive and disruptive. When re-locating to a foreign country or an unfamiliar region this situation can be exaggerated. EBS is able to provide the support needed to ensure the least, possible disruption. With their expert guidance and ability to source suitable business premises, they are able to efficiently create a Corporate Structure which is financially viable and an infrastructure which will enable you to operate your business with complete confidence.

Business Relocation – Existing Company Relocating to the Republic of Cyprus

Our professional team is able to identify and understand those requirements and concerns faced by Corporate clients who wish to re-locate their existing business to a foreign country.

With there in-depth local knowledge, coupled with their professional abilities, EBS is well placed to create the Corporate Structure and Infastructure to allow you to operate your business within the Republic of Cyprus with confidence.

EBS can assist with all aspects of the relocation, to ensure minimal downtime and the least possible disruption for your company. EBS are professionals who are able to provide the specialist assistance necessary when relocating between countries.