Financial Wealth Planning

EBS Consultancy Services Ltd (EBS), in conjunction with our Financial specialists, will provide specialist independent Financial Wealth Planning reports and strategies to individual and corporate clients.

EBS in conjunction with our Financial specialists will provide expert, unbiased advice on a truly independent basis. We advise on all aspects of financial planning, including investments and savings and inheritance tax planning.

Our services include:

  • Managing Wealth with a definitive strategy and implementation plan

EBS believe that the wealth of high-value individuals must be fully managed to ensure optimum results. This necessitates the generation of a plan which encompasses goals and objectives from which the success of the initiative can be evaluated

EBS will undertake the following:

•  Review your wealth in its entirety over the long-term

•  Analyse your current and projected cash-flows, while regularly assessing whether you are on track to achieve your personal or corporate goals

•  Ensure that you are utilising all available tax allowances and identify the most tax efficient way of managing and protecting your wealth

•  Discuss and agree an investment strategy that will balances your aims and ambitions with your attitude to risk and ability to withstand highs and lows in markets

•  Recommend strategies to support you and protect the wellbeing of your family against unforeseen events

  • Understanding goals and risk assessment prior to developing an investment strategy

EBS develop strategies with a goals-based approach. In discussions with you, we will identify your goals and develop investment strategies which give you the best chance of achieving those goals.

While considering goals and risk assessment, EBS considers the following:

•  Attempts to ‘time the market’ rarely pay off

EBS consider that the core aim of any portfolio should be to achieve long-term sustainable growth. In the main,  this can best be achieved by holding assets for long periods of time

•  Diversification of Asset Classes can reduce risk

It is more beneficial to spread investments over a range of asset classes to eliminate or reduce the adverse affect of asset fluctuations

•  Combining Investment Strategies can enhance financial return

By creating both core and satellite portfolios EBS can ensure that you share in the benefits of both active and passive strategies

  • Proactively advising on implementing strategies to grow wealth

The services offered by EBS have been developed to encompass client needs and their evolving requirements at different life stages. EBS considers that optimum results evolve from long-term relationships and a concise understanding of personal goals and objectives

  • Creating optimum investment portfolios

The need to distil the essential factors when considering investments is critical. EBS, in conjunction with experienced wealth advisors provide the relevant expertise in creating the most optimal investment portfolio and structures for you.

EBS in conjunction with our financial and wealth advisors are experts in the local and International Equity markets. We are able to manage your equity portfolios to accommodate the level of risk that you wish to adopt

EBS in conjunction with our team of Financial Planners  are able to provide a comprehensive investment solution, which encompasses tax and trust structures, asset allocation and risk management.