Irregularities with Foreign Currency Mortgages

EBS Consultancy Services Ltd (EBS) are able to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances relating to your property purchase in the Republic of Cyprus. EBS and able to identify any perceived irregularities, discuss your claim, and outline an immediate legal solution based on what is achievable. With over 35 years of experience in litigation law suits against financial institutions in the Republic of Cyprus, our team of highly experienced Barrister-Advocate Lawyers will provide best advice and undertake a legal opinion on your current circumstances.

Our services include:

  • Re-structuring of Mortgage Arrears in any foreign currency, including Euro

Our Barrister-Advocate Lawyers services include:

  • Negotiating to achieve a reduction of Mortgage Liabilities currently in the following foreign currencies:

. Swiss Franc
. Japanese Yen
. Other

       And restoring the mortgage back to Euro currency from the date of inception.

  • Negotiate to achieve the termination of a Foreign Currency Mortgage, in situations where fault can be appointed, in any foreign currency

EBS in conjunction with our team of Barrister-Advocate Lawyers will generate and respond to:

  • All correspondence between you and your financial Institution in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Attendance at any financial Institution in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Negotiations with any debt collectors or bailiffs in the United Kingdom and/or other Country of Residence
  • To examine any vulnerability to your assets and finances in your country of residence in the event that the financial institution in Cyprus decides to make a claim against you for defaulting on your mortgage.
  • Any other actions which may be required

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