VAT Property Tax Refund

EBS Consultancy Services Ltd (EBS), has pioneered the process by which VAT can be reclaimed on a residential property which is used to operate a short term rental business. A claim made on a qualifying property where 15% VAT has been paid and where the purchase price is for example, e.g €500,000, the VAT reclaim will be €65,000. EBS has an unparalleled reputation with the VAT Authorities in the Republic of Cyprus.

EBS will manage your application for a VAT Property Tax rebate, ensuring that you meet the strict qualifying criteria involved. Our in-house team of VAT specialist accountants will evaluate your application and provide clear advice in the recovery amount of your claim and will managing the process throughout the qualifying period of the claim.

The EBS VAT Reclaim initiative on your Cyprus Property will benefit you in the following ways:-

  • Assist with Rental Income deficiencies compared with Property Payment outgoings
  • Financially support your investment while its capital value increases
  • Payment of Transfer Tax if the Title Deeds have not been issued
  • Renovation of Property
  • Renewal of furniture items and white goods
  • On-going property maintenance costs

You must ensure you put your assets to work